Audio Mechanics is quickly growing to be one of the most sought-after re-mastering studios in Southern California. They have a reputation for aesthetic integrity and extreme technical proficiency. Specializations include sound restoration, music mastering, sound editing, and forensic audio. Their new facility in Burbank, CA features state-of-the-art adaptable 5.1 mastering rooms, a recording studio suitable for bands and ADR work, and a stereo mastering control room. Audio Mechanics has maintained, through word-of-mouth, an impressive list of corporate and independent clientele in the music, film, and television industries.

The King and Audio Mechanics

Audio Mechanics was selected by Twentieth Century Fox to restore the soundtrack the The King and I. The film was originally mixed to 6 track magnetic film stock. Print through, distortion, dropouts, and mismatched dialog were the primary issues addressed during the sound restoration. The King and I is the featured restoration at AMIA 2004.

Lucy Loves Audio Mechanics!

Audio Mechanics was selected by Paramount and CBS Television to restore all 179 episodes of the I Love Lucy television series. Selection was based on blind listening tests in which several leading audio post production facilities provided a restoration of episode 39, "Job Switching". The selection committee did not know whose soundtrack they were listening to until after they selected their favorite. Audio Mechanics' work was "simply the best, preserving the integrity and aesthetics of the original production". This is not the first time Audio Mechanics has been awarded a contract based on blind listening tests. Both Paramount Pictures' Roman Holiday and Sunset Boulevard were put in the hands of Audio Mechanics based on blind listening tests. Time and time again, studios and archives entrust Audio Mechanics with their most precious collections. See some of the other projects we've worked on.
Audio Mechanics' John Polito hired as audio expert in Kobe Bryant case.

John Polito was hired by the Eagle County District Attorney to enhance and authenticate the police interview tape recording of Kobe Bryant. Mr. Polito testified during pretrial hearings as to the authenticity of the recording. The recording was admitted into the trial and Mr. Polito, a self-proclaimed Laker fan, fears he has been black listed from court-side seats for life! He was just doing his job, Kobe; send some of those court-side tickets his way to show there's no hard feelings.